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Steelers Football HTV/Sublimation Transfer

Steelers Football HTV/Sublimation Transfer

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*Heat Transfer Vinyl Images by Siser and is printed with eco-solvent ink, Cut Out and ready to press. A sheet of transfer is included with each order. Transfer sheets are reusable but if additional sheets are needed, they can be purchased separately.

These are Ready to Press with transfer sheet already applied on the Design. All you have to do is remove the backing and apply to your shirt.

Heat Transfer and Sublimation Transfer Instructions are listed below.


HTV Transfers are printed with eco-solvent ink on a commercial grade printer. Transfer sheets are reusable but if additional sheets are needed, they can be purchased separately. These transfers can be used on any color material.

Pre-Heat fabric 3-5 seconds, this will remove any moisture that may be in the fabric that could cause the vinyl to left after washing. Pre-heating should be done on ALL heat vinyl projects.
Heat Press for 15 Seconds at 315F at Medium Pressure (don't forget to cover with a Teflon sheet or pillowcase to protect the masked transfer from the top of the heat press or iron). 

1.Place mask (clear sticky sheet) on to transfer and firmly press across to remove any bubbles. Sometimes it's easier to place mask on table with sticky side up and starting at bottom, take one end of transfer and lay down while slowly running your hand across while laying down the rest of transfer.
2.After you have firmly pressed mask onto design and removed bubbles, flip transfer over to where the design is facing down and starting at a corner, slowly peel the carrier sheet that the design is attached to up off of the carrier
3.Once off of the carrier, place transfer on garment, cover with Teflon sheet and press.

NO returns on any transfers. These are print on demand transfers.

*100% Cotton
*Poly/Cotton blends
*100% Polyester

*Do not dry clean
*Wash inside out
*Machine wash w/mild detergent
*Wait 24 hours before first wash
*Dry on normal setting
*No chlorine bleaches
*Also use care instructions that is on your garment, certain materials may tell you not to machine wash or dry, so be sure to check that out as well.


Sawgrass Sublijet HD Inks

GreenStar Pro Sublimation Transfer

Transfer needs to be used on fabric that is at least 50% polyester, the more polyester, the more vibrant the transfer will be. A 50% polyester item will give you a nice vintage look.

The shirt/fabric must be a light-colored fabric. NO BLACK or dark fabric. It will not show up!
These transfers will not print white! If there is any white in the image it will become the color of the shirt you put the transfer on.

Due to differences in monitors, the colors shown on the listing may slightly differ from colors on transfer. Also, the transfers may appear a different color on paper but once it is heat activated the colors come to life :)

Sizing is determined by the longest side of design.

HEAT PRESS ONLY to apply sublimation transfer. 

General instructions are as followed for shirts but adjustments may need to be made depending on your personal heat press and its abilities. Other sub material time and temp guide is included in listing photos.

Temp 400F
Time 60 seconds
Pressure medium

1. Put parchment paper or copy paper inside the garment and also on top of transfer to ensure the ink does not bleed through the shirt to the back or on to heat press. If you use a Teflon sheet, then put a sheet of copy paper between transfer and Teflon incase some ink may try to bleed through back of transfer. It can happen with heavy dark colors. Do not reuse the copy paper, discard.
2. Place transfer face down on garment.
3. Remove paper immediately and peel hot.

**TIPS I have learned along the way that I would like to pass along**
1. If you ever have a brownish tint (burn/scorch marks) after pressing, you can take a spray bottle, mix some peroxide with water (i do half and half), spray on the area where it is discolored (it will not hurt if it gets on design part), hold your press down for about 5 seconds, you don't have to lock the press and waaalaaa, it's completely gone ;)
2. Sometimes you may get crease marks from the edges of the transfer paper, if this happens to you then you can tear around your design so that it doesn't have straight edges, by tearing it, it won't leave edge marks after pressing ;)

*These sizes are the measurement of height; the width would be whatever inches is proportional with the height.

**Please allow 1-2 Business Days for your order to process and another 1-3 business days for shipping. Shipping time varies on the region your order has to be shipped too.

*Orders will be shipped to address on file linked to your account that you made. . If an address change needs to be made, then it must be put in the notes of the order to ensure that it gets changed. Sending an address change through conversation does not guarantee that it will be seen prior to shipping since shipping dept ships by printed invoices only.

*Refunds nor replacement transfer are given where a decal will not stick to your garment, is damaged during application or starts to peel after washing. This vinyl has been tested and if applied correctly and instructions are followed then there shouldn't be any issue with any of these things happening.

We do not exchange or refund unless we have made a mistake with the order.


We cannot guarantee any self-installing issues that may occur with our transfers.

Transfers that are damages and or ruined during customer application is not eligible for return or refund.

We do not take exchange, returns or refunds on any of our transfers.